Re: Endnote X9 not working in Word 2016 for Mac

If it doesn't work directly it's because it could be a delay.

EndNote X7 for MAC now works with Microsoft Word – Need to Know

If you want to change the citation style, repeat the procedure and change to another style in the drop-down menu under With output style. If this box pops up, you need to make a simple correction to select or change the citation style. Separate reference list.

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Otherwise the change will disappear the next time you update your document. Go to Word and click on that reference you have changed in Endnote.

Styles Menu

Now there are two ways for the change to break through in Word:. Now all your references will be unformatted.

It will pop up a new window and control that it is the right reference that is marked. Now the change has gone through. When the document is complete and ready to be sent in to for example the supervisor, it is important that the Endnote codes are removed from the document.

Endnote X9 with Microsoft Word 2016 for mac Mojave is very slow

The codes are unvisible but necessary for the function of the connection between Word and Endnote Online. So before sending it, save the version with codes for your own work and save one without codes and send that version. My EndNote toolbar has disappeared from Word EndNote toolbars can disappear because you have updated your version of Word or because Word has crashed with EndNote running. Toggle menu visibility.

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