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Also, this application hits the goldilocks spot as far as notifications are concerned.

Timer for Mac

Just like the porridge that is neither too hot nor too cold, the notification levels are just right. I have looked at many different pomodoro applications during the past several years, and this is the one I always come back to using. Be sure to stand up and walk around when the timer beeps.

Several years ago, I was using the pomodoro technique not with this application when working on an intense writing project.

Countdown Timer with Expressions After Effects CC Tutorial

I ended up with a blood clot in my leg and experienced a bilateral pulmonary embolism. DVT induced pulmonary embolisms kill more people each year than motor vehicle accidents and HIV combined. This is a powerful productivity technique, but please drink water and walk around.

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The application is awesome. I only have one quibble with this app being less than great for me: I usually work with music so the alarm sounds are either lost, ignored, or too jarring. I read through a bunch of negative reviews here, and they are all complaining about things that just are not true.

Yes, you can change the length of the work period and the length of breaks, yes, you can turn on a ticking sound and control its volume. The only complaint I found to be actually true was that the default end-of-work alarm was too loud.

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OK, people do just just jump in and a gentler default would be nice, but it hardly seems something to downrated to a 3 about. The rest of the complaints seem to more of that kind of thinking: Do you eat at McDonalds too much where the default is just the way you like it or what? Sign in with Facebook or.

A chronometer for your Mac

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Clocks & Alarms for Mac

Current Version 2. Downloads 3, Programmable actions include play alarms with your favorite sound, display a message defined by you, speak a message, announce the time, and a lot of more actions available as Pro features as: The included default actions are: Timer is free to download and you can freely use it as long as you wish, although some users may be interested in buying the Pro version which includes some additional features: Skip to content.

Timer for Mac The professional timer app. Buy Timer Pro Download. Accurate measurement When accurate measurement is essential you can rely on Timer. Programmable actions Play alarms with your favorite sound, display a message defined by you, speak a messageā€¦.