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But then some years ago I stopped comparing foundations to MAC. I even wrote a post about it and link to it every time I do a review.

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We beautiful Black and brown women come in all types of gorgeous shades and undertones—some of us might find a brilliant match in a foundation line that tends to go very yellow-based while others in one that goes very red-based. Then there are those of us with neutral undertones like me. So my thinking behind this phenomena is a bunch of things 1. Some MAC artists were getting really crafty with shade-matching and trying to make their quotas so they put folks in whatever somewhat closely or in some cases nowhere near as closely matched their client 2.

No bother for me because that was my foundation jam back then. Side note: This is also why highlighting and contouring is important for women of color which I really explained in my Why One Foundation May Not Cut it for Women of Color post because of the way so many of us are naturally colored.

Because if you were to just put one foundation shade over all those beautiful natural shade variations, it can make you look very flat and in some cases unnatural. I dunno. Way too light. Then I tried NW Too light. I tried NW A touch too light and off in undertone NW45 and NW46 were probably off in undertone as well but them being too light was the first dealbreaker.

NW48 was the closest match but it still was off in undertone. Updated Foundation Routine.

Guide to M.A.C FOUNDATIONS -which one is BEST for YOU! NikkisSecretx

No foundation-shaming here ;. Its like all those back in the day who refused to let Fashion Fair go lol. After awhile you realize hopefully that there are other brands out there who have not only better shades but better undertones to suit you. NC 45 or 44 is the closest match but the undertones are too off for my more neutral skin tones. Being brown and Neutral is tough when it comes to base shopping. Gotta step outside the MAC box. I still like some stuff from them but powders and foundations are a NO.

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And yasssss for stepping outside the MAC box! This article should be in all beauty magazines! I also no longer let the beauty advisors shade match me. They always try to sell me a foundation or powder darker than my complexion. This happens to me ALL the time.

They all match me darker than I am and insist on testing against my jawline.

M.A.C., 9 Best Foundations for Dark Skin Tones - (Page 8)

I need to be matched to the centre of my face because my face is slightly darker than my neck. But yassss at you now being able to spot your correct shade: That seems to happen pretty often, BUT that shade may match the perimeter of your face—you just might need to also get a shade to match the inside of your face which on WOC can typically be lighter than the perimeter.

Thanks as always for such informative data. This was a great post..

So I would always ask for something comparable in color. I have researched online and even asked MAC makeup artists and they all have different answers. Since I am really a true NC45, do i have yellow undertones or am I cool under toned? Please help! See how confusing it can be without an understanding of color theory?

The Best Foundations for Dark Skin Tones, According to Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist

Thanks Danielle: Infused with jojoba esters, this stick helps regulate your natural production of oil, hydrating without clogging pores. This two-in-one powder and foundation is quite the overachiever: It covers, controls shine, and comes in more shades than Baskin Robbins has flavors. It's like they went to Home Depot and stole all the brown swatches. Now you, too, can be Rococo Gold. Makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff often finds that matte finishes look best on her dark-skinned clients with oily skin, and she relies on this brand the most for that effect.

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The formula provides impressive lightweight coverage and works well for people with warm, yellow undertones. If, by some turn of fate, you still can't find a shade that complements your undertone among these brands, you can always Bob Ross it yourself. Sheriff designed this formula to supply women of color with more options for blending, constructing a stick with two shades at opposite ends. A lot of women end up using two shades anyway, so when they have my stick, they're able to customize [their color].

The liquid matte formula serves as makeup artist Janice Kinjo's go-to for those very deep tones that are often difficult to match. This range includes some of the darkest shades on the market, making sure all the Violas, Uzos, and Gaboureys are properly represented. Adorably packaged in a tiny tube, this liquid contains a microfine powder that helps extend its wear. Now if you find yourself in a Netflix-and-chill situation that turns out to involve actually watching Netflix, you'll be able to make it through most of this season's Orange Is the New Black without a single touch-up.

With buildable coverage, this stick starts sheer but can be layered for more opacity, meaning even the worst blemishes will no longer tempt you to waste a sick day and "call in ugly. If you're looking for a sheer, tinted moisturizer, makeup artist Nick Barose recommends this creamy one that comes in a whopping 12 shades, each named after a faraway place, like Cuzco and Polynesia. Consider it travel inspo. Makeup artist Lilit Caradanian created this line of foundations because she had trouble finding shades that possessed the undertones of real, human skin.