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Share Pin Email. An independent writer who has reviewed hundreds of email programs and services since Select Tools Accounts… from the menu. Select E-mail… from the menu that comes up. Enter your Windows Live Hotmail address under E-mail address: Type your Windows Live Hotmail password under Password: Make sure Configure automatically is checked. Click Add Account. To make sure no mail is ever deleted from your Windows Live Hotmail account on the web: An independent writer who has reviewed hundreds of email programs and services since Updated February 07, Use these steps to configure Mail to work with your Microsoft account: Select Other Mail Account Make sure that your name is entered correctly under the Name field.

Enter your Windows Live Hotmail password under the Password field. Follow these instructions if you have a specific reason for wanting to utilize POP3: Visit www.


Click Save. Select Other Mail Account.. Which is ultimately what you need to get what you're after. All the other options mentioned by others above look very complicated, certainly more so than switching mail accounts assuming mBox Mail and IzyMail fail. Others have said you can setup Gmail so you can "Send As" your old e-mail address and you can set Gmail to download all Hotmail's e-mail. This is a pain though especially if you've got subfolders. It's then a simple case of dragging and dropping the Inbox and Sent Items contents from one to the other, then dragging each subfolder from one to the other.

It also supports POP3 for mobiles or desktops the only non-propitiatory format it does support. For all those people who think Exchange support also means Exchange ActiveSync. It doesn't! EAS is an extension of Exchange, it is not Exchange! If it used to work by entering the Hotmail EAS server details into an Exchange compatible client it's more by luck. It's unlikely to be Microsoft stopping you, the technology isn't designed to work that way. You'd think they could make EAS work on desktops too but literally no desktop client has ever supported EAS Mac or Windows , there's got to be some reason why that's the case.

It could be a technical one or it could be Microsoft doesn't want you using a mobile technology on desktops.


We'll never know. This is true. It's able to synchronise e-mail, contacts, calendar, tasks and I think notes.

Hotmail + Messenger (2in1)

It's also much more efficient than IMAP at handling e-mail. Microsoft's technical reasons for creating a new technology are sound but lets face it the real reason is to stay propitiatory. You could only access Hotmail at hotmail. There's no reason why Apple couldn't licence DeltaSync that I know of. I doubt they will though, to the best of my knowledge only Hotmail uses it and it's clear Apple would prefer you use MobileMe or Gmail. The blame here rests as much with Apple as Microsoft. DeltaSync just gives Apple Hotmail.

How to Configure Outlook Windows Live MSN Hotmail IMAP in Apple Mail on Mac OS X

Using the latter two methods you can get proper e-mail sync and calendar sync. Microsoft haven't added zilch Google Sync support to Windows why would they? You can use Mozilla Thunderbird with Lightening calendar add-on and Mozilla Sunbird though or if you prefer using Outlook there are plenty of third party Google Sync tools. Try using winebottler and wrap it over Windows Live Mail.

A few winetricks may be required, but it's worth a try. If you have a windows pc, use the web installer and take the. Otherwise, download it from here. I just set it up on Outlook for Mac, and all my Hotmail folders are visible. There is one supposed way to do it with FreePoPs with Mail, but unfortunately syncing the way you mentioned is not available. If you want syncing, take the pain, move to gmail. Its better in every conceivable way. It can even send emails as your Hotmail account if you are married to the address. Similar to the gmail solution, you could use Fastmail. Gmail only allows periodic POPing.

Edit October It appears that since very recently forwarding from hotmail to any other domain is now free. So the trick below is not so relevant any more. The trick why this works is because if you have a fastmail account or alias one account allows multiple alias addresses , say examplealias fastmail.

Now, hotmail allows forwarding for free only to cetain approved microsoft domains live.

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So if you create a fastmail alias with one of the approved hotmail domain names, you can configure your hotmail to forward to anything approvedhotmaildomain. The trick is explained in more detail in this forum thread. Fastmail allows sending via an external i. For more info see this page and the linked Fastmail blog past. Fastmail is an email provider focussed on IMAP. Not free for your purpose though the free 'Guest' level has very limited storage.

All my mail is in my fastmail account, aggregated from different hotmail and other accounts. The day hotmail drops the forwarding trick, I'll finally drop my hotmail as well. My address book contacts is quite an involved setup as well but worry free once done. My fastmail contacts are synced two-way with gmail, and this again syncs with the address book of OSX.

Hotmail and Outlook Settings | MailWasher Pro

The issue you are having seems to be a mBox compatibility issue with the Apple Mail program. I too have sent email to mBox, but there has not been an answer yet. So I download the free trial of Office.

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  • You can then change the account type to IMAP and the server to localhost: In the Advanced settings, I checked "Send multiple commands to the server simultaneously" to speed up the sync process when the email is read. If you need more information, I think that the settings were similar to the FluentFactory mBox website instructions for setting up thunderbird.

    I found this fix, thought it might be useful if you still haven't found a fix. I'm gonna try tomorrow--since I have custom domains setup it might be a little more complicated than the regular hotmail.