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Recent versions of Word have a built-in Equation Editor created by Microsoft. On the Insert tab of the Ribbon, in the Symbols group, click Equation. There is a gallery of sample equations, but you can start from scratch with Insert New Equation. This will cause the contextual Equation Tools Design tab to be displayed.

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The Ribbon has a palette of symbols, plus templates for various constructs, including fractions. There are also Math AutoCorrect shortcuts that can be used to create equations from the keyboard.

For more information on the use of the new equation editor, see this article. Note: If you prefer to continue to use Microsoft Equation 3.

How to use special characters, symbols, emojis and accents on Mac - Apple Training

In the list on the Create New tab, select Microsoft Equation 3. If you decide not to purchase MathType at the end of the trial period, it will degrade into MathType Lite, a souped-up version of Microsoft Equation 3. Whenever you insert a fraction that is not a font character, whether you use an EQ field or a combination of superscript and subscript formatting, it is likely that your line spacing will be expanded to compensate for the extra height.

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If you do not want this to happen, you have two options:. You can set the line spacing to an exact amount Exactly under Line Spacing in the Paragraph dialog. Word and earlier: This setting is on the Compatibility tab of Tools Options.

How to type Division sign ÷

Select the Advanced tab. The Layout Options are at the bottom. Word On the File menu, click Options.

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Word and above: This option is not available. Even if you don't have any regular text in the equation itself, you may need an equation number at the right margin. There are two suggested solutions for this problem:. Put the equation and equation number in separate cells of a single-row table with two or three columns. This approach also solves problems with cross-references, which will repeat the entire equation if the equation and number are in the same paragraph. There is actually a built-in feature allowing you to preface the equation number with as described here.

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This automatically puts the equation number at the right margin. Originally Answered: How do I get the divide sign on my Mac? Open up If you check this, then you can open up emoji and other symbols from the toolbar. Please see the updated post Mathematical Symbols in Word for Mac for a screencast describing The multiplication symbol, for one, is not accessible by a keyboard shortcut.

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How to show or insert division symbol in cell in Excel?

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Foreign Currency Symbols in Mac OS X

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