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Much of Unix, hence macOS, identifies different users by number, with the primary admin account normally being If you end up with a secondary account, that will be numbered , which means that all files and folders associated with that account will bear that number. This ensures that keychains and other vital user data are transferred correctly, and the new primary admin account should be fully ready to use.

If you run Migration Assistant after initial setup, it works quite differently from a normal app. This involves closing all open apps, and may result in the unmounting of some external volumes too. Apart from the refusal of migration because of version incompatibilities, the most common failure in migration using Migration Assistant is its apparent hanging in the midst of a migration.

If this occurs before any files have been migrated, the best way ahead is to abandon migration at this stage and continue to set the new Mac up as a completely new system. Once that has completed, and all updates have been installed, try again using Migration Assistant. If Migration Assistant fails after it has started to install files on the new Mac, the migration will at best be incomplete, and at worst may have made the new Mac unusable. If that occurs, and the new Mac remains usable, it should be possible to complete the migration later.

If all else fails, it may be necessary to restart into Recovery mode, and re-install macOS from there. The most common problems after an apparently successful migration relate to the transfer and installation of extensions and other software, or even preference files, which prove incompatible. The probability of this is greatly reduced by migrating between Macs which are running the same version of macOS.

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In theory, they should then be completely compatible. In practice, clashes and strange mis-settings can still occur, most probably when the types or models of Mac are very different.

How To Use Migration Assistant on Mac

Use Migration Assistant between two desktop Macs running You can circumvent those by limiting what you migrate, but that reduces the value of Migration Assistant, and leaves you with more work to finish off. One potential workaround if you suspect that there could be problems is to migrate from a Time Machine backup instead of the old Mac itself. This is generally considered to be smoother.

If you can connect that backup to your new Mac using Thunderbolt, or even USB 3, it should also be reasonably swift. Migration Assistant has checkboxes to migrate [x] Applications, [x] Documents, and [x] Preferences. In my case, my migrated Mac was messed up by an ancient iTunes audio plugin—maybe not migrating [x] Applications would have mitigated that? Like Liked by 1 person. The only effective way to prevent that sort of problem is to spend some time performing rigorous housekeeping and weeding of your old Mac before migrating.

Executable code can lurk in all sorts of places.

Moving Windows Files to a Mac without Using Migration Assistant - dummies

Another tool which you may find useful is my free bitCheck, which will list bit only code of various types as well as regular apps. Like Like.

Essentially, you are then looking at a manual migration, in which you copy all the files which you want to migrate. How you do it depends on which file s you are copying. For example, to sync your keychain, the best way is to use iCloud Keychain Sync, or a third party equivalent. For preference files, you can perform a simple copy, but open preference files will then probably get overwritten by the new one.

One old technique which is now generally doomed to failure is to clone your old system to an external drive, move that, and try to start your new Mac from that. I think that will cause offence to any T2 chip!

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I want to make a full migration or cloning, including all. I do not like the T2 chip. When you have nothing to hide, it is a waste of energy and resources. No, i do not want encryption. Apple should allow to disable completely T2. Thank you.

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Tomorrow morning Wed I finally tackle manual migration. I look forward to your comments. The T2 chip increases the probability of losing everything if something fails T2 itself, motherboard, etc. You cannot repair the Mac yourself. Not even third-party repair services. I think all that is even illegal. Yes, I know some SSD can be quite reliable, but they do fail as well. I purchased five iMac 5K inch top configuration on mid and one of them shows erratic random boot failures, which points to GPU, which is soldered, requiring full logic board replacement.

I cannot remove the SSD and replace it by other because it would void warranty and besides it is really tricky and damage-prone by unexperienced users. Not good either. And back to topic… I want to boot from external drives without any problem. That is great to repair disks DiskWarrior, etc. I also want to make full backups SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner, etc and boot from them if needed, when disaster strikes or whatever.

And last but not least, I do not want to destroy planet Earth: I do not want to waste energy encrypting everything by default via T2 chip when I have nothing to hide at all. Here 3 easy ways is offered to teaches you how to backup apple m…. Jean - Here you can fully understand why your cloned Mac hard drive won't boot and how to boot your Mac from cloned hard drive ….

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Need easy iPhone data transfer software? If you don't have the required cable, you can use your local Wi-Fi network instead. Click on Applications in the sidebar. Double-click on the Utilities folder. Double-click on Migration Assistant.

How to use Migration Assistant to move a user account to another Mac

Click Continue. Enter your administrator password if prompted. Click OK. Click From a Mac Click To a new Mac Go back to your new Mac Migration Assistant will be looking for a source. A security code will display on the screen. Go back to your old Mac Confirm that the code on your old Mac is the same as the one on your new Mac. Go back to your new Mac Select the files, settings, apps, and other information you want to transfer to your new Mac.

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When you're done Your new Mac should have all of the data that you selected to transfer.