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Excel will tell you the different types. Excel gives you the default format for every chart. But there are lots of tweaks you can make. There are tons of options here, from axis labels to trend lines.

How to Make an Excel Chart in Office 2011 for Mac

If you want to add or remove anything from your chart, check here first! Click this to move your chart to a different sheet in your workbook or to create a new workbook for the chart:. There are many other options available for editing your chart, but these should cover most situations you find yourself in. Clustered bar charts make it easy to compare different sets of data. By highlighting this data and selecting a clustered bar chart, we get results that look a bit different from those we got before:. Excel pairs the two different pieces of data for each category.

This makes it easier to compare the data. A stacked bar chart shows the total of multiple numbers and lets viewers see how they compare. This type of chart makes it easy to see how both totals and constituent parts compare. As you can see, this makes it easy to compare the proportions of specific categories.

Bar charts excel at presenting simple sets of data.

How to Create Interactive Charts and Graphs on Mac Using Numbers

If you need something a bit more complicated, you can get a clustered or stacked bar chart just as easily. The above steps would give you a chart that has revenue and profit margin plotted as a clustered column chart. Another good use case of creating combination charts is when you have to show actual vs target values in the same chart. You can create a simple clustered column chart, or create something more fancy by converting one bar into markers. Click here to read how to create an Actual vs Target combination charts in Excel. While the first part of creating a chart is the same in all versions of Excel, converting that chart into a combination chart is done a bit differently in Excel Below are the steps to convert a regular clustered column chart into a combo chart in Excel Please log in again.

The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Below are the steps to create a regular chart using the above data the snapshots are of Excel : Select the Revenue and Profit Margin data B1:C6 in this example. Click the Insert tab. Click on Clustered Column chart. This will insert the chart in the worksheet area.

How to Make a Histogram on Excel 2016 Example:

Select years that you want to plot in the chart A2:A6 in this example. Click OK. This allows you to switch the way you want to display your data very quickly, without any hassle, and without creating a brand new chart. When you finish editing your data references, click the Done button at the bottom of the Numbers window.

These interactive chart and graph options in Numbers are wonderful tools for presenting your data. You can even use Excel to create self-updating graphs! This simple process will turn static charts into dynamic information hubs.

Step 1: Populate Your Data

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Creating basic graphs in Excel (MAC)

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